Imagine that (animated short)

Imagine that - animated short by Karolis Kveselis


Animated short film „Imagine that“ tells a strange and colorful story that happened to Olivia and
Joseph during a break at school. Olivia is a girl with unlimited imagination, and Joseph is a lonely
modern child who, by virtue of his overweight, keeps himself away from his peers and dives into the
virtual world of a smartphones. These two children meet in the school backyard. Olivia likes Joseph,
but how to break his gray “loneliness” wall and arouse his desire to join the real game? How to defeat a
monster – a phone holding a boy in his grip? For that, the only weapon is imagination. It grabs Olivia
with all her strength and takes the girl to a colorful adventure-filled world that Joseph can not resist in
the end. Game Over announces The boy’s phone, but the real adventures for Joseph are just starting.