Dragon Recipes (animated short)

Dragon recipes - animated s


A short animated film produced by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture and Pixel Giants. Co-produced by OAK9 Entertainment and Zedem Media.


Writer/Director: Maria Pavlou
Producer: Maria Pavlou/Pixel Giants
Co-Producer: Mindaugas Jokubaitis
Delegate Producer: Michalis Kalopaidis
Production manager: Poss Kondeatis, Vladas Bucilko
Animation Director / TD: Julius Gerulaitis
CG Supervisor: Karolis Kveselis, Neofytos Neofytou
Art Director: Katerina Pantela
DOP/TD: Neofytos Neofytou
Design Team: Katerina Pantela, Julius Gatelis, Mintautas Sukys, Charis Yiangou
Storyboard: Magnus Kravik
3D previz: Rafael Kallistratou
2D FX: Charis Christodoulides, Magnus Kravik
Modelling: Andreas Rossides, Vladas Bucilko, Mike Kontonikola
Rigging: Alex Mann
Animation:OAK9 Entertainment, Pixel giants, Zedem Media
Rendering: Neofytos Neofytou/Rendered with Chaos Cloud
Compositing and Editing: Emilios Avraam
Music: Andrie P. Meletiou
Sound Design/Audio Post Production: Studio wleven63
Cover/Production painting: Katerina Pantela
Supported by the Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee and the Lithuanian Film Center.