Jake is a young boy from the village of Shilow located east Mediterranean Sea. His life with his family is ideal. They dance, bake bread, take care of their animals and they are far from any danger. Until one day the Giants who have lost their seacoast castles come knocking and kidnap nearly the entire village. Jake manages to evade capture and with his twin sister Joanie and dog Waldo he sets out to rescue his family. Along the way he encounters a magical Bird, a wise owl and a group of Beavers who aid him and advise him on how to find Giant Mountain and rescue those he loves. There are plenty of uplifting songs and there is plenty of action.


  • Character design
  • Location / set design
  • Story boards
  • Animatic

Director: Kent Butterworth
Writer: Brian Stewart

Executive Producer: Richard Lewis, George Ninan
Producer: Brian Stewart
Co-producer: Mindaugas Jokubaitis

Animation director: Tom Pong

Nic Delia – Commander Zulu
Debi Derryberry – Jake
Scott Jeffers – Fe
Katie Leigh – Joanie
Mona Marshall – Whitelee
Ken Mary – Jacob
Mark Slaughter – Phum
Mark Thompson – Monkey